Organised Sexual Abuse is the first book-length research manuscript on the subject of organised abuse.

Organised Sexual Abuse provides a critical overview of research and debates on organised abuse, and draws on the life histories of 21 Australian survivors to examine the experience and impact of organised abuse.

"Organized Sexual Abuse is groundbreaking and courageous. In the face of widespread public disbelief about the reality of childhood sexual abuse and gendered violence, Salter successfully constructs a coherent account of organized sexual abuse that is both theoretically sophisticated and grounded in lived experience—both his own and that of survivors—while resisting the temptation to provide readers with easy reassurance or simple answers that reinforce the status quo. His ethical commitment to taking lived experiences of gendered violence seriously and to being at stake in his writing, while breaking the silence surrounding organized abuse, are admirable and serve as a model for ethical scholarship and academic praxis." Laura Noll, Journal of Trauma and Dissociation

Chapter 6 of my recent book Crime, Justice and Social Media describes the attempts of online activists to disrupt the organised abuse of children in Africa and the United Kingdom. The chapter is called: "From #OpGabon to #OpDeathEaters: Transnational justice flows on social media". 

"This lively, thought provoking book greatly enlarges our understanding of online abuse across various social media platforms. Its lucid combination of critical theory, analytical insight, and interdisciplinary sensibility make it indispensable reading for anyone seeking to know more about this vital aspect of contemporary culture. In particular, its attention to the gendered dynamics and politics of abuse make it a timely, bold and innovative statement of criminology at its very best."

Eamonn Carrabine, Professor of Sociology, University of Essex, UK, and co-editor of Crime, Media, Culture

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